Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • "A different device detected" error - Phone disconnect

    "Input detected from a different device. You can only use the Boss app on your own device." error occurs if a user tries to log in on a new phone. On iPhone phones, this error occurs because the application will be reset after deleting and reinstalling the application. You can solve it by disconnecting the phone from the admin panel. .. Read More

  • You can only use one account from this device" error

    You can only use one account from this device." error occurs when another user tries to log in from the mobile phone that another user is logged in (associated with).   When new personnel start using the telephone used by the old personnel in the company, the connection of the former personnel with the telephone must be broken. .. Read More

  • ‘’Your device is outside the region defined for the QR code" error

    Your device is outside the region defined for the QR code. Please check your GPS and try again." error occurs when your mobile phone is seen as outside the defined area for the location.   This issue can be caused by one of the following:   The location radius entered when adding a location may have been entered too small.   Mobile phone model GPS (map location information technology) does not provide accurate and clear results and may see you out of location.   Your mobile phone may have di .. Read More

  • No user found for the information you entered" error - Password reset

    "The user for the information you entered could not be found." error is an error that you may encounter when you enter your password or phone number incorrectly. If you have forgotten your login information, you can request a new password from your administrator. .. Read More