Permission Management

Allowing Personnel

You can define annual leave, unpaid leave or report, add notes and view the list of these leaves easily from the Management Panel. In addition, with the leave totals calculation page, you can view the remaining leave entitlements according to the defined leave usages.


Evaluation of Leave Requests

Your staff can create a leave request and send it to you by adding its type, date and description via the mobile application. Thus, administrators informed by e-mail can approve or mark this permission request from the administration panel. In both cases, the personnel is informed via SMS.


Annual Leave Calculation

You can enter the annual paid leave rights of the personnel by using the Leave Management section from the Management Panel. Thus, with the Leave Totals calculation page, you can easily see the number of leaves left by calculating the leave rights defined and the leaves used.


Printing a Consent Form Document

It is very easy to have the staff sign the use of a leave added to the Gidaf Qr PACS system as a document and keep a physical record. With the "Print Leave Request" option, you can easily print a page with ready-filled personnel information and leave details or save a PDF.

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